Help with Excel Functions and Formulas

This website has been created to provide help with Excel functions and formulas.

Excel provides us with many Built-In Functions, that are designed to perform specific calculations. These are listed in the 'Formulas' menu of the Excel ribbon (see below).

Excel Built-In Functions Menu

This website provides information and examples of each of the Built-In Functions and also shows you how to combine these functions with each other, and with the Mathematical Operators (+, -, *, /, etc.), to create Excel Formulas.

There is also a section explaining Excel Array Formulas, which is essential reading for some of the more complex (but most useful) Excel functions and formulas.

For beginners, our Basic Excel pages provide a strong understanding of the basic Excel features, which will help you to get the best use of Excel functions and formulas. There is also a section on Excel Errors which will help you to diagnose and fix any errors that you encounter.

Finally, for those who want to learn how to program their own functions in Excel, we have an Introductory Guide to Excel Macros and an Excel VBA Tutorial. With the help of our step-by-step guides, Excel macros will become a natural part of your spreadsheet development, enabling you to perform complex analysis and automate repetitive tasks.

Most of the examples on this site will work in all versions of Excel. However, some of the built-in functions are only available in the more recent versions of Excel. If you are currently using an older version of Microsoft Office, and would like to try a more up-to-date version, you can get a free trial of Microsoft Office 365 on the Microsoft Office website.