The Excel OR Function

Related Function:
AND Function

Function Description

The Excel OR function tests a number of supplied conditions and returns either:


The syntax of the function is:

OR( logical_test1, [logical_test2], ... )

where the logical_test arguments are one or more conditions that evaluate to either TRUE or FALSE.


Excel Or Function Examples

The following spreadsheet shows three examples of the Excel Or function.

1510=OR( A1>0, A1<B1 )
2510=OR( A2>0, A2>B2, B2>12 )
3510=OR( A3<0, A3>B3, B3>12 )

In the above examples:

For further examples of the Excel Or function, see the Microsoft Office website.

Excel Or Function Error

The most common error from the Excel Or Function is the #VALUE! error:

Common Error
#VALUE!-Occurs if any of the supplied logical_test cannot be interpreted as numeric or logical values.