The Excel RADIANS Function

Radians & Degrees

The conversion between Degrees and Radians is calculated by the relationship

180 degrees = π radians

where π is the mathematicial constant, PI = 3.14159265358979...

For further information on the units of measurement for angles, see the Wikipedia 'Angle' page.
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Function Description

The Excel Radians function converts radians into degrees.

The syntax of the function is:

RADIANS( angle )

where the angle argument is the angle, in degrees, that is to be converted into radians.

Radians Function Examples

The spreadsheets below show four examples of the Excel Radians function.

1 =RADIANS( 50 )
2 =RADIANS( -180 )
3 =RADIANS( 180 )
4 =RADIANS( 360 )
1 0.872664626
2 -3.141592654
3 3.141592654
4 6.283185307

Note that in the above example spreadsheet, 180 degrees converts to π radians and 360 degrees converts to 2π radians.

Further details of the Excel Radians function are provided on the Microsoft Office website.