The Excel DEGREES Function

Degrees & Radians

The conversion between Radians and Degrees is calculated by the relationship

180 degrees = π radians

where π is the mathematicial constant, PI = 3.14159265358979...

For further information on the units of measurement for angles, see the Wikipedia 'Angle' page.
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RADIANS Function

Function Description

The Excel Degrees function converts radians into degrees.

The syntax of the function is:

DEGREES( angle )

where the angle argument is the angle, in radians, that is to be converted into degrees.

Degrees Function Examples

The spreadsheets below show four examples of the Excel Degrees function.

1 =DEGREES( 1 )
2 =DEGREES( -2.5 )
3 =DEGREES( PI() )
4 =DEGREES( 2*PI() )
1 57.29577951
2 -143.2394488
3 180
4 360

Note that the examples in cells A3 and A4 of the above spreadsheet use the Excel Pi Function to return the value of the mathematical constant, π.

Further details of the Excel Degrees function are provided on the Microsoft Office website.