The VBA CStr Function


The VBA CStr function converts an expression into a String data type.

The syntax of the function is:

CStr( Expression )

Where the Expression argument is the expression that that you want to convert to a String.

VBA CStr Function Examples

The following VBA code shows how the CStr function can be used to convert different types of expression (Integer, Boolean and Date) into String data types.

' Convert Integer, Boolean and Date expressions into Strings
Dim str1 As String
Dim str2 As String
Dim str3 As String
str1 = CStr( 10 )
' str1 is now equal to the string "10"
str2 = CStr( True )
' str2 is now equal to the string "True"
str3 = CStr( #1/1/2016# )
' str3 is now equal to the string "1/1/2016"

After running the above VBA code, the variables str1, str2 and str3 are equal to the strings "10", "True" and "1/1/2016" respectively.