Hide Gridlines In Excel

The gridlines in an Excel spreadsheet are only visible when looking at the worksheet electronically, and are not displayed when you send a worksheet to a printer.

However, sometimes you might want to hide gridlines in an Excel worksheet when it is viewed on a computer screen. Two different ways of doing this are described below.

Hide Gridlines by De-Selecting the Gridlines Option

The visibility of the gridlines in an Excel worksheet is controlled by the Gridlines option, which is switched on by default.

Therefore, if you want to hide the gridlines in Excel, you simply need to deselect the option, which can be found as follows:

In Current Versions of Excel (2007 and later):
Gridlines Option in Excel 2010

In Excel 2003:
Gridlines Option in Excel 2003

Hide Gridlines by Filling Cells With a Background Color

Excel Fill Color Options

A second way to hide gridlines in Excel is to color the cell backgrounds in white. This method can be used to hide the gridlines in a chosen range of cells, or for an entire worksheet.

To color the cell background: