The Excel TEXT Function

Function Description

The Excel Text function converts a supplied numeric value into text, in a user-specified format.

The syntax of the function is:

TEXT( value, format_text )

Where the function arguments are:

value-A numeric value, that you want to be converted into text.
format_text-A text string that defines the formatting that you want to be applied to the supplied value.

The format definitions that can be used in the Excel Text function are shown in the table below. These definitions have the same meaning when used in the custom style of Excel Cell Formatting.

Text Function Examples

Example 1

The following spreadsheet shows the Excel Text function, used to apply different formatting types to various numeric values.

1ValueFormatted Value
207/07/2015=TEXT(A2, "mm/dd/yyyy")
342192=TEXT(A3, "mm/dd/yyyy")
442192=TEXT(A4, "mmm dd yyyy")
518:00=TEXT(A5, "hh:mm")
60.75=TEXT(A6, "hh:mm")
736.363636=TEXT(A7, "0.00")
80.5555=TEXT(A8, "0.0%")
9567.9=TEXT(A9, "$#,##0.00")
10-5=TEXT(A10, "+ $#,##0.00;- $#,##0.00;$0.00")
115=TEXT(A11, "+ $#,##0.00;- $#,##0.00;$0.00")
120=TEXT(A12, "+ $#,##0.00;- $#,##0.00;$0.00")
1ValueFormatted Value
442192Jul 07 2015
10-5- $5.00
115+ $5.00

Note that the results returned from the Text function are all text values.

Example 2

One of the most common uses of the Excel Text function is to insert dates into text strings.

Without the use of the Text function, the simple concatenation of a date returns the date's underlying integer value. This is shown in the example below:

1NameDOBName & DOB
2John SMITH03/03/1976=A2 & " " & B2  - simple concatenation of date
3  =A2 & " " & TEXT(B2,"mm/dd/yyyy")  - concatenation using Text function
1NameDOBName & DOB
2John SMITH03/03/1976John SMITH 27822  - uses date's underlying integer value
3  John SMITH 03/03/1976  - gives the expected result

For further details and examples of the Excel Text function, see the Microsoft Office website.

Excel Text Function Common Error

Some users have problems when the Excel Text function returns the #NAME? error:

Common Error

This is returned from the Excel Text function, if you omit the quotation marks from around the format_text argument.

For example, the formula

=TEXT( A2, mm/dd/yyyy )

will return the #NAME? error.

Solution:   Add quotes around the formatting definition.

E.g. the above example would be corrected as:

=TEXT( A2, "mm/dd/yyyy" )