The Excel T Function

Function Description

The Excel T function tests if a supplied value is text and if so, returns the supplied text; Otherwise, the function returns an empty text string.

The syntax of the function is:

T( value )

Where the value argument is the value that you want to test.

Excel T Function Examples

In the following spreadsheet, the Excel T function is used to check if three different cells contain text values.

  A B
1 text =T( A1 )
2 25 =T( A2 )
3 FALSE =T( A3 )
  A B
1 text text
2 25  

Note that, in cells B2 and B3 of the above example spreadsheet, the T function returns an empty string. This is because the supplied arguments are the number 25 and the logical value FALSE, which are not text values.

Further information and examples of the Excel T function are provided on the Microsoft Office website.