The Excel STANDARDIZE Function

Function Description

The Excel Standardize function returns a normalized value of a distribution that is characterized by a supplied mean and standard deviation.

The syntax of the function is:

STANDARDIZE( x, mean, standard_dev )

Where the function arguments are:

x-The value to be normalized.
mean-The arithmetic mean of the distribution.
standard_dev-The standard deviation of the distribution.

Standardize Function Examples

The spreadsheet below shows examples of the Excel Standardize function, used to normalize three different values.

1=STANDARDIZE( 5.5, 5, 2 )
2=STANDARDIZE( 12, 15, 1.5 )
3=STANDARDIZE( -2, 0, 5 )

For further details and examples of the Excel Standardize function, see the Microsoft Office website.

Standardize Function Error

If you get an error from the Excel Standardize Function, this is likely to be one of the following:

Common Error
#NUM!-Occurs if the supplied standard_dev argument is < 0.
#VALUE!-Occurs if any of the supplied arguments are non-numeric.