The Excel SQRTPI Function

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Function Description

The Excel SQRTPI function returns the square root of a supplied number multiplied by the mathematical constant, π.


SQRTPI( number ) = SQRT( number * π )

The syntax of the Sqrtpi function is:

SQRTPI( number )

Where the number argument is the positive numeric value, that you want to multiply by pi, before calculating the square root.

Sqrtpi Function Examples

The following spreadsheet contains four examples of the Sqrtpi function.

1 =SQRTPI( 5 )
2 =SQRTPI( 0.2 )
3 =SQRTPI( 100 )
4 =SQRTPI( 0 )
1 3.963327298
2 0.79266546
3 17.72453851
4 0

Further details and examples of the Excel Sqrtpi function are provided on the Microsoft Office website.

Sqrtpi Function Errors

If you get an error from the Excel Sqrtpi Function, this is likely to be one of the following:

Common Errors
#NUM! - Occurs if the supplied number is < 0.
#VALUE! - Occurs if the supplied number argument is non-numeric.