The Excel N Function

Function Description

The Excel N function converts data into a numeric value, using the following rules:

The syntax of the function is:

N( value )

where the value argument is the value (or a reference to a cell containing the value) that is to be converted to a number.

Excel N Function Examples

Column B of the following spreadsheet shows examples of the Excel N function:

1 =N( 10 )
2 =N( "10" )
301/01/2016=N( A3 )
4#N/A=N( A4 )
5TRUE=N( A5 )
6FALSE=N( A6 )
1 10- The number 10 returns the value 10
2 0- The text string "10" returns the value 0
301/01/201642370- A date is returned as a date serial number
4#N/A#N/A- Any error returns the same error
5TRUE1- The logical value TRUE returns the value 1
6FALSE0- The logical value FALSE returns the value 0

For further details of the Excel N function, see the Microsoft Office website.