The Excel ISREF Function

Function Description

The Excel Isref function tests if a supplied value is a reference. If so, the function returns TRUE; Otherwise it returns FALSE.

The syntax of the function is:

ISREF( value )

Where the supplied value argument is the value or expression to be tested.

Isref Function Examples

The following spreadsheet shows examples of the Excel Isref function:

1=ISREF( B1 ) 
2=ISREF( B1:B2 ) 
3=ISREF( B1:D4 C1:C5 ) 
4=ISREF( "text" ) 
5=ISREF( B1 * B2 ) 

Note that, in cell A5, the expression B1 * B2 returns a value (the product of the values in two cells), and so in this case, the Isref function returns FALSE.

For further details and examples of the Excel 'Is' functions, see the Microsoft Office website.