Excel Invoice Template

Excel Invoice Template

Excel Invoice Template

Versions: Excel 2003 and later
Description: Simple Excel Invoice Template that automatically calculates Row Totals, Subtotal, Tax and Invoice Total.

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Using the Excel Invoice Template

If you enter values into the 'Product ID', 'Description', 'Quantity' and 'Unit Price' columns of the above invoice template, the 'Row Total', 'Subtotal', 'Tax' and 'Total' fields are automatically calculated.

Most of the cells in the spreadsheet can be overwritten. However, some of the cells have been locked, to prevent you from accidentally overwriting the formulas in these cells. If you wish to have more control over the spreadsheet, you can unlock it by:

In current versions of Excel (2007 and later):

  • Select the Review tab on the ribbon at the top of the Excel Workbook;
  • Click on Unprotect Sheet.

In Excel 2003:

  • Click on the Tools drop-down menu
  • Click on Protection and from the sub-menu, select Unprotect Sheet...

Functions Used in the Excel Invoice Template

The Excel functions and operators used in the above Invoice Template are:

* operator The multiplication operator is used to multiply the quantity by the price per item, to calculate the totals at the end of each row in the invoice.
The multiplication operator is also used to calculate the Tax.
If function Used to keep the 'Row Total' column of the invoice tidy. If no value is present in the corresponding cell of the 'Quantity' column, the entry in the 'Row Total' column remains blank. Otherwise, the row total is calculated and displayed.
Isnumber function Used to check if a numeric value is present in the 'Quantity' column of the Invoice.
SUM function Used to calculate the Invoice Subtotal before Tax and the final Invoice Total.