Excel INT Function

Function Description

The Excel Int function truncates a supplied number down to the closest integer.

The syntax of the function is:

INT( number )

Where the number argument is any numeric value.

Note that the Int function always rounds down. If you want to round to the nearest integer (up or down), you need to use the Round Function or the Mround Function.

Excel Int Function Examples

The following spreadsheets show the Excel Int function applied to different numbers:

  A B
1   =INT(100.9)
2 5.22 =INT( A2 )
3 5.99 =INT( A3 )
4 99.5 =INT( A4 )
5 -6.1 =INT( A5 )
6 -100.9 =INT( A6 )
  A B
1   100
2 5.22 5
3 5.99 5
4 99.5 99
5 -6.1 -7
6 -100.9 -101

The above examples show how the Int function always rounds down. Even with negative numbers, the function rounds down (away from zero).

If you require different rounding rules, check out our comparison of Excel Rounding Functions.

See the Microsoft Office website for further information on the Excel Int Function.