Excel 2013 New Functions

Excel 2013 introduces several new functions, mainly in the Math, Statistical and Engineering categories. These are listed by category below:

Date & Time Functions
DAYS Returns the number of days between 2 dates
ISOWEEKNUM Returns the ISO week number of the year for a given date
Engineering Functions
BITAND Returns a Bitwise 'And' of two numbers
BITOR Returns a Bitwise 'Or' of two numbers
BITLSHIFT Returns a number shifted left by a specified number of bits
BITRSHIFT Returns a number shifted right by a specified number of bits
BITXOR Returns a Bitwise 'Exclusive Or' of two numbers
IMCOSH Returns the hyperbolic cosine of a complex number
IMCOT Returns the cotangent of a complex number
IMCSC Returns the cosecant of a complex number
IMCSCH Returns the hyperbolic cosecant of a complex number
IMSEC Returns the secant of a complex number
IMSECH Returns the hyperbolic secant of a complex number
IMSINH Returns the hyperbolic sine of a complex number
IMTAN Returns the tangent of a complex number
Financial Functions
PDURATION Calculates the number of periods required for an investment to reach a specified value
RRI Calculates an equivalent interest rate for the growth of an investment
Information Functions
ISFORMULA Tests if a supplied cell contains a formula and if so, returns TRUE; Otherwise, returns FALSE
SHEET Returns the sheet number relating to a supplied reference
SHEETS Returns the number of sheets in a reference
Logical Functions
IFNA Tests if an expression returns the #N/A error and if so, returns an alternative specified value; Otherwise the function returns the value of the supplied expression
XOR Returns a logical Exclusive Or of all arguments
Lookup Function
FORMULATEXT Returns a formula as a string
Math & Trigonometry Functions
ARABIC Converts a Roman numeral to an Arabic numeral
ACOT Returns the arccotangent of a number
ACOTH Returns the hyperbolic arccotangent of a number
BASE Converts a number into a text representation, with the supplied base
CEILING.MATH Rounds a number up to the nearest integer or to the nearest multiple of significance
COMBINA Returns the number of combinations (with repetitions) for a given number of items
COT Returns the cotangent of an angle
COTH Returns the hyperbolic cotangent of an angle
CSC Returns the cosecant of an angle
CSCH Returns the hyperbolic cosecant of an angle
DECIMAL Converts a text representation of a number in a specified base into a decimal number
FLOOR.MATH Rounds a number down, to the nearest integer or to the nearest multiple of significance
MUNIT Returns the unit matrix for a specified dimension
SEC Returns the secant of an angle
SECH Returns the hyperbolic secant of an angle
Statistical Function
BINOM.DIST.RANGE Returns the probability of a trial result using a binomial distribution
GAMMA Return the gamma function value for a supplied number
GAUSS Calculates the probability that a member of a standard normal population will fall between the mean and z standard deviations from the mean
PERMUTATIONA Returns the number of permutations for a given number of objects (with repetitions) that can be selected from the total objects
PHI Returns the value of the density function for a standard normal distribution, for a supplied number
SKEW.P Returns the skewness of a distribution based on a population
Text Functions
NUMBERVALUE Converts text to a number, in a locale-independent way
UNICHAR Returns the Unicode character that is referenced by the given numeric value
UNICODE Returns the number (code point) corresponding to the first character of a supplied text string
Web Functions
ENCODEURL Returns a URL-encoded string
FILTERXML Returns data from XML content, using a specified XPath
WEBSERVICE Returns data from a web service on the Internet or Intranet