How to Divide in Excel

Using the Excel / Operator

  A B
1 = 15 / 4  

The simplest way to divide in Excel is to use the / operator.

For example, to divide the number 15 by 4, type the following into any Excel cell:

= 15 / 4

which returns the result 3.75.

As with all Excel formulas, instead of typing numbers directly into the division formula, you can use references to cells containing numeric values.

  A B
1 = B1 / B2 15
2   4

An example of how to divide in Excel, using cell references, is shown in cell A1 of the above spreadsheet on the right. This division formula divides the value in cell B1 (the number 15) by the value in cell B2 (the number 4).

Again, the formula returns the value 3.75.

Division Error

If you get an error from your Excel division formula, this is likely to be the #DIV/0! error:

Common Error
#DIV/0! - Produced if you attempt to divide by 0.

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