Excel Balance Sheet Template

The following Excel spreadsheet provides a template of a Balance Sheet that may be useful for small business accounting.

The fields in the tan colored cells of the spreadsheet are left blank for you to enter your own asset and liability figures, and you can also change labels for these rows to reflect your own categories of assets/liabilities. You can also insert further rows into the Balance Sheet template, but if you do, it is advised that you check the formulas (in the grey cells), to ensure that they include the figures from any new rows.

Excel Balance Sheet Template

Excel Balance Sheet Template

Description: Excel Balance Sheet template with formulas to calculate totals for user-supplied figures
Versions: Excel 2010 and later

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Functions Used in the Excel Balance Sheet Template

The Excel functions and operators used in the above Balance Sheet spreadsheet are:

Sum function Used to calculate the totals for each category of assets or liabilities.
+ - operators The addition and subtraction operators are used to calculate the total assets, total liabilities and the difference between these two values (=total equity).

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