Excel Percentage Calculator

Excel Percentage Calculator

Excel Percentage Calculator

Versions: Excel 2003 and later
Description: Simple Excel spreadsheet with formulas to calculate percentages either as a percentage change or as a proportion.

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Excel Percentage Calculations

The above Excel Percentage spreadsheet calculates two different types of percentage. These are:

Percentage Change


Month 1 sales: $1,000
Month 2 sales: $1,200
Percentage change from Month 1 to Month 2 = +20%

i.e. Sales have increased by 20% in Month 2, compared to Month 1.

Percentage as a Proportion


Sales of Widgets: $300
Total Sales: $1,000
Sales of Widgets as a proportion of Total Sales = 30%

i.e. Sales of Widgets accounted for 30% of the Total Sales.

For more information, go to Calculating Percentages in Excel.

Functions Used in the Excel Percentage Calculator

The Excel functions and operators used in the above Percentage Spreadsheet are:

-   /   operators The subtraction and division operators are used in the percentage calculations.
If function Used to keep the spreadsheet tidy. If the number fields do not contain numeric values, the result is displayed as a blank cell.
Isnumber function Used to check if numeric values are present in the Number fields of the spreadsheet.
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