Show Formulas In Excel

The following decribes how to show formulas in Excel, for a whole worksheet, or how to just show the formula in a single Excel cell.

Show All Formulas in a Spreadsheet

Key to show formulas
CTRL-` to show formulas in Excel

If you want to show the formulas in all of the cells in your spreadsheet, the easiest way to do this is through the keyboard combination:


I.e. press the control key, and while this is depressed, press the ` key.

Note that the ` key is at the top left of your keyboard, next to the number 1 (see right).

To hide the formulas again, simply repeat the same key combination (i.e. press CTRL-`)

Show Formulas in a Single Cell

If you want to show a formula in a single Excel cell, you can do this by simply inserting an apostrophe at the start of the cell.

I.e. for a cell with the simple formula =TODAY() you would insert the apostrophe as follows:


This forces the cell to display the formula, rather than the result.

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