Remove Hyperlinks in Excel

Manually Remove Hyperlinks in Excel

If you want to remove hyperlinks from one or more Excel cells, simply select the cells containing the hyperlinks and right-click on the selected cell(s), using the mouse. Select the option Remove Hyperlink (or Remove Hyperlinks if you have more than one cell selected).

Remove Multiple Hyperlinks in older versions of Excel

In older versions of Excel you can only remove one hyperlink at a time using the right click menu. If you have this problem, you can remove several hyperlinks at once using the following workaround:

Use a Macro to Remove all Hyperlinks in Excel

Another way to quickly remove all hyperlinks in an Excel spreadsheet is to write a simple macro. The process for creating a macro to do this is described below:

' Code to Remove Hyperlinks in Excel
Sub RemoveAllHyperlinks()
End Sub

Visual Basic Editor Showing Code to Remove All Hyperlinks in Excel

To run this macro:

Excel Window to Run the Remove All Hyperlinks Macro