Excel VBA Tutorial

This Excel VBA Tutorial aims to provide an introduction to Excel VBA. Once you master VBA programming, you will be able to perform virtually any task you wish in Excel. You can produce macros that will interact with your users or perform automated tasks to save you hours of time.

While this tutorial is by no means a comprehensive index of all VBA commands and functionality, it should assist the beginner in getting started with writing Excel Macros, using VBA code. If you want to study Excel VBA programming in more depth, there are some excellent books available on the subject.

Click on the following links to view each stage of the Excel Visual Basic tutorial. It is advised that complete beginners start at the beginning and work through all stages of the tutorial, although those with some previous experience of VBA programming may want to dip into specific pages.

A further introduction to Excel VBA is provided on the Microsoft Office website. Also, for those who wish to develop their VBA skills further, there is an excellent free Excel VBA Tutorial at the excel-vba.com website.