The Excel SUMX2PY2 Function

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Basic Description

The Excel Sumx2py2 function returns the sum of the sum of squares of two supplied sets of values. I.e.

Equation for Sum of Sum of Squares

The format of the Sumx2py2 function is:

SUMX2PY2( array_x, array_y )

where the array arguments are two arrays of numeric values or references to ranges of cells containing numeric values. These two arrays must be of equal length.

Note that, if any of the values supplied to the functions are non-numeric (including cells containing text representations of numbers), these values, and the corresponding value in the other array are ignored.

Sumx2py2 Function Examples

253=SUMX2PY2( A2:A4, B2:B4 )
32-1=SUMX2PY2( A2:A4, {2;1;0} )
25364= (25+9) + (4+1) + (9+16)
32-143= (25+4) + (4+1) + (9+0)

The above spreadsheets on the right show 2 examples of the Sumx2py2 function.

The format of the functions are shown in the top spreadsheet and the resulting values are shown in the spreadsheet below.

Note that the example in cell C3 shows that the array arguments can be supplied directly to the function, as well as in the form of arrays of cells.

See the Microsoft Office website for further information and examples of the Excel Sumx2py2 function.

Sumx2py2 Function Error

If you get an error from the Excel Sumx2py2 Function, this is likely to be the #N/A error:

Common Error
#N/A-Occurs if the two supplied arrays have different lengths (i.e. contain different numbers of values).