The Excel SIGN Function

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ABS Function

Basic Description

The Excel SIGN function returns the sign (+1, -1 or 0) of a supplied number. ie. if the number is positive, the Sign function returns +1, if the number is negative, the function returns -1 and if the number is 0 (zero), the function returns 0.

The format of the Sign function is:

SIGN( number )

where the number argument is the numeric value that you want the sign of.

Sign Function Examples

The following spreadsheets show simple examples of the Excel Sign function.

1=SIGN( 9.5 )
2=SIGN( -9.5 )
3=SIGN( 0 )
4=SIGN( 0.00000001 )
5=SIGN( 6 - 7 )

Further details of the Excel Sign function are provided on the Microsoft Office website.

Sign Function Error

If you get an error from the Excel Sign function, this is likely to be the #VALUE! error:

Common Error
#VALUE!-Occurs if the supplied number argument cannot be recognised as numeric value.