The Excel SIGN Function

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Basic Description

The Excel SIGN function returns the sign (+1, -1 or 0) of a supplied number. ie. if the number is positive, the Sign function returns +1, if the number is negative, the function returns -1 and if the number is 0 (zero), the function returns 0.

The format of the Sign function is :

SIGN( number )

where the number argument is any numerical value and can be supplied to the function as either a simple number, a reference to a cell containing a numbers, or as a numeric value returned from another function.

Note that, if the argument to the Sign function is not a number, Excel will return the #VALUE! error.

Sign Function Examples

The following spreadsheets show simple examples of the Excel Sign function. The format of the function is shown in the spreadsheet on the left and the results are shown in the spreadsheet on the right.

Examples of use of the Excel Sign Function
Excel Sign Function Results