The Excel ROW Function

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COLUMN Function

Basic Description

The Excel Row function returns the first row number within a supplied reference. If no reference is supplied, the function returns the number of the current row (i.e. the row for the cell that the function is entered into).

The syntax of the Row function is:

ROW( [reference] )

Where [reference] is an optional argument that specifies the Excel reference that you want to return the row number of. If the [reference] argument is omitted, the function returns the row number of the current cell (i.e. the cell that the function is entered into).

Row Function Examples

The spreadsheet below shows six examples of the Excel Row function.

1=ROW( )=ROW( )
2=ROW( )=ROW( )
3=ROW( E7 )=ROW( G8:H9 )

Note that in the above examples:

Further Example

For a practical example of the Excel Row function, see the Variable Drop-Down List page of this website.

Also, see the Microsoft Office website for further examples of the Excel Row Function.