The Excel PROPER Function

Basic Description

The Excel Proper function converts all characters in a supplied text string to proper case (ie. all letters that do not follow another letter are set to upper case and all other characters are lower case)

The format of the function is :

PROPER( text )

Where the text argument is the original text string, that you want to convert to proper case.

Note that, as well as the first letter of every word, letters following numbers or other punctuation are converted to upper case by the Excel Proper function. This may be in places that you might not expect - for example, the function converts the "s" in the text string "Bob's Boat" to upper case - i.e. "Bob'S Boat".

Proper Function Examples

The spreadsheet below shows four examples of the Proper function.

Examples of use of the Excel Proper Function
Excel Proper Function Results

Further information and examples of the Excel Proper function are provided on the Microsoft Office website.