The Excel ISREF Function

Basic Description

The Excel Isref function tests if a supplied value is a reference. If so, the function returns TRUE; Otherwise it returns FALSE.

The syntax of the function is:

ISREF( value )

Where the supplied 'value' argument can be supplied directly, or can be a value returned from a formula, or a reference to a cell containing a value.

Isref Function Examples

The spreadsheets below show examples of the Excel Isref function. The spreadsheet on the left shows the formulas used, and the spreadsheet on the right shows the results:

  A B
1 =ISREF( B1 )  
2 =ISREF( B1:B2 )  
3 =ISREF( B1:D4 C1:C5 )  
4 =ISREF( "B1" )  
5 =ISREF( INDIRECT( "B1" ) )  
6 =ISREF( B1 * B2 )  
  A B
1 TRUE  
2 TRUE  
3 TRUE  
5 TRUE  

Note that, in the above examples:

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