The Excel ISNA Function

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Excel #N/A Error

The Excel #N/A error is produced when a value is not available to your formula.

For example, if the Vlookup function is asked to look up the value '10' in a spreadsheet column, but there is no cell containing the value 10, the function will, instead, return the #N/A error.

Basic Description

The Excel ISNA function tests if an initial supplied expression (or value) returns the Excel #N/A Error, and if so, returns TRUE; Otherwise the function returns FALSE.

The format of the function is :

ISNA( value )

Where the value argument is the expression or value to be tested. This can be either supplied directly to the function, or can be the name or reference of a cell containing a value or formula.

Isna Function Examples

The following spreadsheet shows several examples of the Excel Isna function.

Examples of use of the Excel Isna Function
Excel Isna Function Results

The above examples use different argument types, including:

Note also that, in the above examples:

Further information and examples of the Excel 'Is' functions can be found on the Microsoft Office website.