The Excel EXP Function

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Exponential Function

The mathematical constant, e, is the constant value (approx. equal to 2.71828182845904), for which the derivative of the function ex is equal to e.

The Exponential Function (written exp(x)) is therefore the function ex.

The Exponential Function is shown in the chart below :

Chart Showing the Exponential Function

Basic Description

The Excel EXP function calculates the value of the mathematical constant e, raised to the power of a given number.

The format of the function is :

EXP( number )

where the number argument is a positive or negative real number that you want to raise e to the power of.


The spreadsheets below show four different examples of the Excel Exp function.

The functions are shown in the spreadsheet on the left and the results are shown in the spreadsheet on the right.

1 =EXP( 100 )
2 =EXP( 0.1 )
3 =EXP( 0 )
4 =EXP( -5 )
1 2.68812E+43
2 1.105170918
3 1
4 0.006737947

Further examples of the Excel Exp function can be found on the Microsoft Office website.

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