The Excel Exact Function

Basic Description

The Excel Exact function tests if two supplied text strings are exactly equal and if so, returns TRUE; Otherwise, the function returns FALSE. The function is case-sensitive.

The format of the Exact function is :

EXACT( text1, text2 )

Where the text1 and text2 arguments can be supplied to the function directly or as references to cells containing text.

The Exact function will also work with numbers and logical values

Exact Function Examples

The following spreadsheet shows examples of the Excel Exact function.

1TextText=EXACT( A1, B1 )
2Texttext=EXACT( A2, B2 )
35321.2225321.222=EXACT( A3, B3 )
40.512:00=EXACT( A4, B4 )
40.512:00TRUE(A4 & B4 both have
 the value 0.5 and
 so are exactly equal)

Note that, in the above examples: