Excel Errors

Many users seem to have problems with the same Excel errors again and again.

Therefore, this page aims to discuss some of the most commonly encountered Excel errors, and to show you how to go about identifying the underlying problems, and fixing the errors.

Excel Formula Error Types

If Excel is able to detect a problem with a formula, an Excel error type (e.g. #NULL!, #DIV/0!), will be generated. The type of error produced provides you with information about the cause of the problem which you can use to identify a solution.

Click on the link below, to learn more about each of the Excel formula error messages, and to find out how to go about fixing the associated errors.

Other Common Problems with Excel Functions & Formulas

If you don't encounter a specific Excel error message, or if you can't understand why you are getting a particular error message, this may be one of the frequently encountered Excel problems listed below.

Click on the associated link for information on what might have caused the error, and how to resolve the problem.

If your Excel problem doesn't fit into one of the above categories, it is a good idea to request help on one of the popular Excel forums. For example, the forum on the mrexcel.com website has several knowledgeable and helpful Excel contributors, who are generally very keen to answer Excel queries.