Excel Errors

If you analyse reported Excel errors it soon becomes clear that the same errors arise again and again.

Therefore, this section of the ExcelFunctions.net website has been created to discuss some of the most commonly encountered Excel errors, and shows you how to go about identifying the underlying problems, and fixing the errors.

Excel Formula Error Types

If Excel is able to detect a mistake in your formula, there are a number of Excel error types (eg. #NULL!, #DIV/0!), that may be generated, to indicate different Excel errors. This error code provides you with information about the cause of the problem. Therefore if you understand what each of the Excel error codes means, you are halfway to fixing the problem.

Click on the link below, to learn more about each of the Excel formula error messages, and to find out how to go about fixing the associated errors.

Excel Formula Error Types Descriptions and examples of the different Excel formula error messages

Other Common Problems with Excel Functions & Formulas

The table below lists some of the more frequently encountered Excel errors, when working with functions and formulas. Click on the associated link for information on why each error might have arisen, and how to resolve the problem.

Cell Contents Show ##### After inputting a formula, your Excel cell displays a string of # symbols
Cell Contents Show a Date or Time The result of your formula appears to be shown as a date or a time, when you were expecting an integer or other value
Failure to Look Up Values You can't figure out why your Lookup function is failing to find the requested lookup value - you can see that the value is in the lookup range, but Excel doesn't seem to be able to 'see' it
Function Won't Copy Down to Other Rows Your function works in the first cell but produces the #REF! error, when you attempt to copy it down to other rows
Excel Won't Calculate My Function You enter a function into a cell but when you press return the function fails to calculate - instead, either the function itself, or a previous function value, is displayed

If your Excel problem doesn't fit into one of the above categories, it is a good idea to request help on one of the popular Excel forums. For example, the forum on the mrexcel.com website has several knowledgeable and helpful Excel contributors, who are generally very keen to answer Excel queries.

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