The Excel AND Function

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Basic Description

The Excel AND function tests a number of supplied conditions and returns a result of:


The syntax of the function is :

AND( logical_test1, [logical_test2], ... )

where the arguments, logical_test1, [logical_test2], etc, are conditions that evaluate to either TRUE or FALSE.


Excel And Function Examples

The following spreadsheet shows three examples of the Excel And function, with different conditions.

  A B C
1 5 10 =AND( A1>0, A1<B1 )
2 5 10 =AND( A2>0, A2<B2, B2>12 )
3 5 10 =AND( A3<0, A3>B3, B3>12 )
  A B C
1 5 10 TRUE
2 5 10 FALSE
3 5 10 FALSE

Note that, in the above example spreadsheet:

Further examples of the Excel And function can be found on the Microsoft Office website.

And Function Common Error

If you get an error from the Excel And Function, this is likely to be the #VALUE! error:

Common Error
#VALUE! - Occurs if any of the supplied logical_test arguments are text values
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